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Our favourite Greek Island - Mykonos

Perhaps you have thought about which place to visit when planning your holiday to Greece? You always have to be certain what Island in Greece would be great to visit to make your holiday there most memorable. Greece is known for amazing landscapes and planing the vacation has never been simple. With so much selection of islands that look so beautiful, it does make you a little confused when trying to decide which place to go better. is an online resource that can help you to decide when and where is the best time to go. You can also find lots of interesting details and some cheapest holiday prices on the internet. All of that information will give you the ability to pick the ideal Greek holiday destination. One of destinations that we always recommend is Mykonos. Mykonos is a part of Cyclades which can be definitely visited at any time and any season and most definitely more than once. This island is a popular tourism spot for travellers from around the globe. Though Mykonos is one of the smallest of all Greek islands, it's certainly one of the best and attractive places to visit. It has a rich history, beautiful nature and cities with great nightlife to make your holiday to Greek Islands to remember for the rest of your life.

When you go to Mykonos, one thing is certain, you'll enjoy excellent food, amazing beaches, beautiful sunset and a crazy night life. When on vacation, quite often you might get that party mood and would like to go to a nice bar or a club. Mykonos has full variety of those. Whenever you plan your vacations to Greece, don`t forget to ask your tour operator about every small detail that is included into your holiday package. Sometimes you may find that a lot of great entertainment is provided by the hotel where you stay and most likely all of that would be included into the cost of the package. That could save you some money.

Tens of thousands of tourists from around the globe visit Mykonos each year. Even many celebrities have picked this island as their favourite vacation destination. Beaches there are very popular among the tourists, because they offer all kinds of entertainment. Here is a list of some most popular beaches of Mykonos: Ornos, Kalafatis, Tourlos, Houlakia, Agios Stefanos, Ftelia, Ano Mera, Psarou and Megali Ammos. You will never find a shortage of hotels on the island. There is a huge variety of different kinds of resorts for a wide range of needs and budgets.

If you are feeling for a quite, luxurious atmosphere, you can rent out beautiful stand alone villas adjacent to quite beaches. If you would like to make your holiday to Greece even more interesting and luxury, you may reserve charter flights, which are available during the summer, to visit some of the surrounding small islands around Mykonos. You may even find some holiday bundles that offer self accommodations and ferrying you around to those little islands.

On the other hand, if you are on the budget, you can always find various discount hotels on many holidays booking websites and also book some cheap flights. That might help you save some money, which can be then used on something else during your Greece holiday.

When on your holiday, you can also rent a bicycle. That would help you to move around the island fast and economical. If a bike ride isn`t for you, it is easy to find and rent an affordable car.

The island`s capital city is Chora. It has narrow whitewashed streets with some white cubicle houses. If you decide to hire a bicycle, you can cycle around those narrow streets and have a glance of local neighbourhood lifeline which would surely stay in your memory for a long time. If you you are looking for less crowded and quite places, then you should go to west coast. It isn`t developed as much as everywhere else, but has really lovely views.

So next time you organize a holiday to Greece, Mykonos is unquestionably is the place to go to have an ideal Greek holiday experience. Doesn`t matter if you plan your vacation with your friends, family or even fiancé', it is one of the best places to visit to have a great time and unforgettable memories.