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Holidays to Greece and Greek Islands. Why should you go to Greece?

Greece is dreamy and sought after destination people would love to visit. It is a place of historical stories, turquoise sea water, abundant marine life, stunning architecture, and distinct culture. Families and friends get together during a holiday in this majestic location. There are tons of reasons why you need to take a step toward Greece, and you’ll never unfold those until you are finally there.

The Perfect Season to Spend Your Holiday in Greece

The best time to travel to Greece is from late April to Early November. These months have lower temperature than summer high season. The sea is warm enough to have a fun-filled vacation if you are planning on taking photos with the pristine beaches. To enjoy your holiday, bearing this in consideration contributes to your overall satisfaction.

The Greek Culture

From the ancient years up to this day, Greece is the home for building architectures and sculptures. A large number of locals that is 98% of the Greek’s population are Christian Orthodox. The country has full of holidays and celebrations. What’s more, it was the country with rich insights and contributed a lot to Science, Philosophy, Astronomy, Medicine, and Medicines.

What are the famous places in Greece that you should never miss out?

Nafplio Greece


Locals will tell you about the fascinating history Nafplio had. Various cultures influenced the growth and improvement of this little seaside Metropolis. It was the place for Athens elite, including the group of Venetians, Byzantines, and Ottoman. This destination has a different kind of charm, that when you finally reach it, you feel like you are on the other side of the world. The locals will treat less like a stranger. Their friendly and hospitality nature is enough to make you come back for more. Nafplio is the home for beaches and restaurants where you can chill out and relax. It has romantic spots where you can take your special someone with you while strolling at the winding streets of the town.

Santorini Greece


The views of building architectures surrounded by the sea are enough to make your jaw drop in awe. It was a hidden gem found at the Aegean Sea islands. Its picturesque and mind-blowing scenery will throw away your worries instantly. No doubt, this is one of the most visited places in Greece. You can walk around the beautiful villages in peace. The restaurants offer authentic dishes that add to your travel’s excitement. It will capture your heart all at once.

Knossos Greece


The ruins Knossos is a historical place located at the Island of Crete. It was 5,000 years ago when Minoan civilization dominated the region. This rare sighting is the oldest and well-preserved artifact in Greece. This is the home for beautiful potteries and hall of kings – which became the stage for the legend of the Minotaur and Labyrinth from ancient years. You’ll see the rich history of Knossos as you take your time watching and scrutinizing each relic items.

Corfu Greece


Do you want to see the glimpse of paradise? Why know the sight of it if you can see what it indeed looks like? This island has what it takes to receive the title of the best beach in Greece. Once you reach the country, you must never erase this on your travel lists. It has a peaceful ambiance to feed your mind with the beautiful things around you. If you are a person who doesn’t like the crowd, then this is definitely the best place for you. With its white-sand beaches, you can take a photo, set up a picnic, or simply sit and contemplate about the good things in life. Along with seas are the remains of anti-pirate castles and Venetian builders.

Zakynthos Greece


From fine sand, chalk-white cliffs, to turquoise water, Zakynthos is enough to make you jump in excitement. Its scenic and beautiful nature background will turn your life around. You’ll see life’s beauty despite the chaos the world brings. Amidst the negative news you hear every day, here is the grand island to forget all the negativity in life. This island has exciting night-life and the best spots of the Greece islands. One of the tourist’s destination is the Shipwreck Cove. That alone is enough to call Zakynthos as the must-visit place in the country.

Skyros Greece


If you are looking for something quiet and new, Skyros will probably bring that peace of mind. It is famous for beautiful beaches and seaside villages. Unlike other Greek island, Skyros stays untouched without getting bothered by the large crowds. That’s what makes it even more enticing to drop by in Greece. At some point on your tour, you might see some legendary wild horses roaming around the island. However, their numbers are decreasing. But who knows, you might get the chance.

Meteora Greece


At first sight, you’ll see the unique image of this special place. Meteora is the UNESCO’s heritage sites with the given status of both art and nature. The locals living in there have the passion of worshipping God the same in the old years. No doubt, the preserved culture and awe-inspiring view made this place distinct from others.


Rhodes is the mixture of the bustle of the city, historical vibes, and pristine beaches. You can find various itineraries on this island. You can book 5-star hotels and relax in the entire night while enjoying the beautiful scenery from the outside. The island’s capital, Rhodes Old Town, has a great history. It was the home for the mighty Colossus of Rhodes. The majestic history, combined with the fantastic works of nature made this one of the famous islands in Greece.

Delphi Greece


Another historical destination that will bring your journey a satisfaction, Delphi is undoubtedly the place for history lovers. The highlight of this trip is the temple of Apollo that’s been standing firm until these present days. Athena Priene, a theatre and ancient stadium are rising along with Apollo’s temple. It’s more than the history, the aerial views will definitely make you speechless. These are the reasons why travellers love to visit this place.

What is the Best Island to Visit?

It actually depends on your purpose and preference. If you want a peaceful island to give you peace of mind, Crete is one of the best options. On the other hand, if you are into nightlife, you can take your route to Mykonos instead. But what if you want the combination of both? Rhodes is the best place for you. It is a place filled with historical stories, beautiful beaches, and nightlife. Whether you want to bring your family or you want to go alone, you will find fun things to do in this country. Let us be part of your journey for you to enjoy your overall stay in Greece!

Tips When Visiting Greece

We know you want to make the most out of your tour. Before anything else or before you make a booking, we want to give you some tips to enjoy your Greece journey – starting from day 1 to your last day of the tour.

  • Stay away from peak season.

    The month where Greece has more crowds is from late July to the end of August. Unless you want to seize your school holidays, you’ll never want to go together with a large of people.

  • Take the adventure of island hopping.

    HolidayBeast offers affordable packages for your travel goal in Greece islands. This country has too much to offer, and a day is not enough to get the most of it. Plan your trip ahead of time to avoid the late flight. You also have to be cautious about their safety.

  • Eat like the locals.

    Dinner time for Greeks are later than 10PM. You might feel different at first, but you can find several restaurants providing authentic dishes to feed your hungry stomach and your curiosity as well. Instead of buying much more expensive bottled wine, ask for local barrelled wine instead.

  • Adapt to their cultures.

    As a visitor to the country, you have to uphold the local’s laws and regulations. Since most of the people here have high moral standards, it is essential to dress modestly, even to the beaches. When visiting churches and monasteries, tops, fitted outfits or skimpy shirts are strictly prohibited.

  • Talk with the strangers.

    Another good thing about Greek culture is their friendliness and open-mindedness. Locals love to share opinions and ideas. Don’t be shy to ask about their stands and beliefs. It is okay with them. They might even share tips and ideas to you while you are strolling around Greece.

  • Learn the basic Greek language.

    It is excellent to learn about the basic language of the country you are visiting. It will also help you avoid confusions and serve as a protection in case you get lost along the way. What’s more, learning new languages is fun! You can earn the trust of the locals, and you can make friend with them. Although Greek people know how to speak in English, they do love it if you speak in their own language. It brings them the impression that you are interested in them.

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